In recent years, the value of virtual meetings has gone up due to professionals’ ability to conduct meetings in a hybrid manner. If you are planning a hybrid event, you might be aware of all the challenges and responsibilities, if not? Here are some expert tips on how to organize a hybrid event and its key elements.

What is Hybrid Event?

In Hybrid events and hybrid conferences, the presenter or speaker present the content in-person to the event attendees while following and maintaining mandated social distancing guidelines and sanitization practices. Simultaneously, the in-person training, conference, or meeting gets live-streamed for virtual attendees to tune-in in real-time.

What is the difference between hybrid events and virtual events?

Although meeting events and virtual events are incorporated within a hybrid event, hybrid meetings are not solely virtual conferences or seminars as there are still presenters and guests together in the room.

What are the key elements of hybrid events?

Hybrid meetings can take many forms as organizations look for models that work best for their attendees, budgets, ROI and are an option for hybrid conferences and small hybrid meetings. The hybrid events serve both their in-person and virtual attendees’ unique needs while giving both a sense of shared experience and value. The key elements include:

  • Marketing: To target different audiences with the right experience
  • Venue: To partner with the venue to deliver safe onsite experiences
  • Content: To produce and deliver content for in-person and virtual audiences
  • Community: To deliver shared experiences
  • Sponsors & Exhibitors: To leverage hybrid’s scale for awareness and lead generation
  • Data & Insights: To capture and activate data across your in-person and virtual audiences


Hybrid events mean one event-two experiences, but one must do it under expert supervision. Our corporate event planners in Pune ensure the clients receive the best life experience at events organized by our team. Connect with our expert professionals, and they shall help you find out-of-box ideas to host a successful event.