So you have been asked to plan an office party? To make things worse, you are asked to do things on a budget, which in every case is not enough! Post-pandemic, working from home feels great until you forget to appreciate your team’s hard work and work accomplishments. Hosting a successful event can serve both your purposes.

Whether you are planning an “Employee Appreciation Day” or “Annual Holiday Celebration,” here are curated tips and tricks proposed by our event management company in Pune for all kinds of corporate parties. Let’s begin with

A Nearby Venue

If you are planning to choose a venue that is 2-3 hours away from the office, we suggest you don’t! In a few instances, we have encountered the attendees dropping their plans at the last minute with an excuse of destination too far from the office. Choose a venue nearby or at least provide a way of commute for the attendees.

Families On-Board!

Your employees/colleagues will love to get rewarded for their hard work in front of their families and loved ones. Don’t take away that moment from them. Instead, ask them to bring their families and kids along. Make special arrangements for the kids so that they don’t end up crying or getting bored in the mid-event.

A Music Event

Who does not love the idea of a live music concert with free food and a great ambiance? I think everyone will fall for it. Invite a singer or a music band to give your guests an unforgettable life experience. To make things more exciting, keep music-on-demand where the guests suggest the number and music flows on.

Bring out the Inner Child

When was the last time you laughed like a child, played like a child, had the energy of a child? This event will set a platform for your colleagues of all ages to recreate their childhood. Bring everyone outdoors, give them an open field, a water pool, an adventure park, and see them enjoying every minute of it!

Share Some Drinks

New ideas are always shared over a drink. But make sure you offer uber codes to the attendees to ensure they reach home safely. If you are serving alcohol, keep it for later so that your non-alcoholic colleagues can enjoy the main event too.

Potluck Round The Globe!

For a much casual party, ask your attendees to show their cooking and baking skills. To engage every team member, make it a competition and set some cash prizes or coupons for the winners. You can also add a live cooking station if there are employees with cooking as their hobbies/passion.

There are limitless ideas to host a successful event with or without budget constraints. All you need is to ask a professional to do things right. At YoursTruly, we ensure to host events for our clients that are breath-taking in arrangement and fun in engagement. To know more about our services and cost, connect with our corporate event planners in Pune.