In 2021, everyone is looking forward to meeting face-to-face as soon as it’s safe to step out in the world. Depending on the trajectory of COVID-19, we are all eager to know the current trends of the event industry. YoursTruly corporate event planners are here with the checklist of current going trends in the meeting industry and how one can organize grand events while following all safety protocols.

Choose Limited-Service Venues

Corporate events that took place in far away and exotic locations used to be considered a treat. Still, now that people are more reluctant to travel lengthy distances, companies are focusing their event destinations on local and regional destinations closer to their headquarters. Most of the activities are happening in the limited/select-service category, which means the percentage of events booked at these locations is more than ever.

Immunity-Boosting Menu

Covid-19 has transformed the food-and-beverage experience, with health safety as the prime concern. In 2021, we can witness People homing in on the overall wellbeing of what they’re eating to avoid virus transmission. Immune-boosting meals will dominate menus this year, and sourcing local, artisanal foods will be more important than ever to give attendees/guests a taste of different destinations & overseas.

Go Green

In 2021, attendees likely will see more sustainable plunder, including face masks made from recycled materials and eco-friendly pencils, which can be planted after use, emphasize more on the usage of herbs, vegetables, and natural flowers for decor purposes. Event Planners will also pick destinations and venues with strong track records in sustainability and also collaborate with suppliers and sponsors on new ways to go green. 

Hybrid-Ready Venues

Large venues need to redefine their spaces now to host events in the coming years. All room capacities should be redone for theatre, halls, and banquet setups, as well as booth layouts in the exhibit halls. One of the most creative examples is, to turn the entire campus or event venue into a broadcast-ready platform.

To know more about the newest event trends and ideas, connect with YoursTruly team, and we shall help you reach out to your targeted audience by organizing successful brand events.