Planning an event seems to be a daunting task, especially if it’s a corporate event. Corporate events demand accomplishing specific and formal obligations, which indeed are difficult to handle. A successful corporate event concludes with enormous benefits, both in terms of profit and appreciation from the audience. But risking and managing an event with your staff could prove disastrous.

Hence, here are some essential tips for avoiding basic mistakes while organising a successful corporate event:

  1. Maintaining a checklist– As a responsible organiser, it becomes evident to prepare a list of several things, that has to be kept in mind while organising an event such as:
    • Guestlist
    • Seating Arrangement
    • Venue floor plan
    • Complete plan and supervision of event flow
  2. Technology equipped room- The room or hall where the meeting has to proceed has to be well equipt. That is it should have required projectors, screens, audio speakers and most importantly, a technician. It has to be taken care of that the flow of the meeting should not be affected because of the unavailability of technology.
  3. Increasing client retention– For a corporate B2B company, it becomes essential that the client company should be happy with the flow of event and both the parties must gain from it eventually.
  4. Sticking to deadlines– An event management is not a matter of few calls and emails. But, it is shouldering a huge responsibility on behalf of your company. It becomes evident for the manager to make sure that all related work is furnished well in time, for avoiding any ambiguity.
  5. Final Evaluation- It’s essential to make a final report of all arrangements, delegate duties to staff, receive the guests well. After all, creating a good impression is very important. Management of the whole event is crucial. There must be a point source of contact, that is only one person giving commands related to event management, and the rest will follow up.


Though there are some affirmative candidates of the company, who put heart and soul in organising a perfect event on behalf of the company, any mistake or negligence may lead to losses. Instead of risking your business, it would be better to let experts manage the event for you, so that you can focus better on your corporate tasks. Our team at Yours Truly is an event management company In Pune with vast experience in hosting and delivering a successful corporate event in Pune. You can reach out to our experts to get more personalised tips for organising and accomplishing your corporate event goals.